Saturday, August 6, 2022


The resident Hooper storyteller is back with a book about the film on everyone's tongues, I'm Dangerous Tonight!

We all know Hooper was an idiosyncratic guy, one who earned the affection and raised the ire of the many whose paths the man crossed. But have you ever wondered where'd you fall if you were on one of his sets? Take the virtual mind's-eye tour with this very special book by wordsmith Stan Giesea, with introduction by savant of ideas and polemics, the incomparable Scout Tafoya, with artwork by artist (and filmmaker) Patrick Horvath.

Support independent writers and buy it on Lulu. I've read it, it's worth it, and it's a lovely tribute to an artist we love!


Saturday, December 18, 2021



Buy it now! A rare perspective of, so far as my estimation goes, one of the most important acts of putting to film in the history of the art form.  Chock full of goodies, it is a chronicle of the making of Tobe Hooper's Spontaneous Combustion, no longer worthy of the subtitle "a folly in the making," and so can be classified in the proper library section of a celebration, one about one's relationship to an act of creation.  A natural part of the Spontaneous Combustion extended half-life, an impossibility of atoms reserved only for great artists and genuine enigmas, how Stan possibly could have known is a question for him (and which you may possibly find an answer in the book)!

Friday, December 17, 2021

Review of 'American Twilight' by Thomas Puhr

    "We're all just victims of the times."

(The character of Pam in the original shooting script of 'The Texas
Chain Saw Massacre')

In lieu of my own (unwritten) rundown of the new American Twilight collection of essays, I'm grateful someone else has taken it upon themselves to provide an intended overview of the book and demonstrate the breadth of both: a) the spectrum of pieces themselves, and b) what they reveal of Hooper's filmography: that, while clear now after bated time, the breadth of the works together has always been a vital continuum, duly, and first, showing us how one can meld artistic expression, current trends, and an osmosis of societal factors, and then patiently waiting for its time that it can make its most needful impact.

'The House That Hooper Built - American Twilight: The Cinema of Tobe Hooper,' review by Thomas Puhr

American Twilight shows a group of people being willing to put the work in to advance an unusual but important perspective, and I for one, who is not an academic by any means, hope to advance it myself in ways that hopefully do not suffer from my lack of a formal discipline.  For now, we have the acceptance that this is a conversation between multiple people that is worth having.

Monday, November 29, 2021

We're Still Talking

Thanks to Joe Bob Briggs for the pomp, circumstance, and know-how.  That is a man for whom reasoned expertise is second nature.  University of Texas Press and the "American Twilight" editors took the momentum to graciously invite the speakers from the Joe Bob Briggs event back to cover things more in-depth.

(Above) Scout Tafoya leads a far-reaching conversation full of allusions with "American Twilight" editor Will Dodson that covers all of Hooper's marginalized TV work and the politics of distrust and paranoia subsumed into all of them, not as a sharpened or pointed political sling (often manifested as satire in those outside works) but as a general malaise of anger and rebellion.  The Bush presidential cabinet is a particular target for Hooper's, and the participants', disdain.

(Above) First-hand observer of Hooper's working methods Stan Giesea and someone who looks an awful lot like myself provide, with the help of moderating presence Dr. Will Dodson, PhD, a more focused, smaller-in-scope discussion on ideas barely formed and secrets unlocked, but put forth in the shape Hooper scholarship has so far taken, which is theses, manifestos, and histories yet to be written.  "American Twilight" is of course the ideal of where scholarship can go, but we show how a live Hooper seminar might play in the future after a few speech lessons and public speaking tutorials.


(Above) Co-editors Kristopher Woofter, PhD. and Will Dodson, PhD. discuss the themes running through their writers' essays and get surprisingly passionate about underrated Hooper films from The Funhouse  to Crocodile and Mortuary.  Getting matter-of-fact about Poltergeist is the evolution of Hooper discourse.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

References for AMERICAN TWILIGHT Livestream Event (With Joe Bob Briggs)

Invaders from Mars Rough Cut (Raw)

John 'Bud' Cardos's and Tobe Hooper's and Julius Banzon's The Dark Re-cut

Anatomizing 'The Dark' - Long article on The Dark

The Dark Twitter - Where it is revealed Hooper's early shooting work on the film took place largely in Karen Black's home as a location!  Karen Black must have been a longtime acquaintance, as she was then married to his future Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 screenwriter and fellow Texan L.M. Kit Carson.