Wednesday, November 25, 2009

THAS: Oh Baby.

Tobe Hooper's long-lost feature film debut Eggshells seems to have completed its restoration (being done by Watchmaker Films, who are set to release the rare film on DVD next year, apparently with another of Hooper's early films in tow, a 1963 short called The Heisters - read the illustrious Joe Bob Briggs' capsule blurb on this film here) and is going to start a brief revival run throughout December at the Steven Allen Theater in Los Angeles! The Steve Allen Theater finds its home at the Center of Inquiry, aka the Center for Over-Stimulated Atheists, where they are currently running the excellent Jeffrey Combs one-man show Nevermore (in which he performs as the tormented and soused literary maestro Edgar Allen Poe, with stage direction by loyal partner-in-crime Stuart Gordon).

The event is brought to you by Watchmaker Films, the Steve Allen Theater, and Hollywood MobMov, the latter an organization dedicated to the "traveling drive-in" tradition; Eggshells is to be shown as a MobMov Drive-In event, likely not so much presented in the Steve Allen Theater so much as on it. It's also exclusively Midnight showings, which strikes me as somewhat unneeded, but, needless to say, I am so there. Luminous poster.