Thursday, November 17, 2011

THAS: A Laundry Scene

(From 'Toolbox Murders')

A Laundry Room Scene

Nothing overly spectacular about this scene (the moments that come before it - Angela Bettis's journey to the laundry room, her being ushered into it by the voice of Rance Howard - are more notable), but this post is perhaps a precedent-setter for smaller, less discriminating, more "quickie"-style posts that just serve to shine light on the general extent of Hooper's gentle craftsmanship.

#1 - Texture - A Laundry Room Scene

Laundry room textures; two people connecting in an environment that insist they have their backs to each other; the shot-reverse shot of backs; the textures of apartment complex dwelling - temporary connections, ghostly-short conversations, space between; a quiet scene; a patient scene, patience embedded in the continuity of their laundry actions.