Friday, August 2, 2013

THAS: LIFEFORCE WEEK: DAY 4 - Transcendental #2

"I'm gonna have to force her to tell me.  Despite appearances, this woman is a masochist.  An extreme masochist." "She wants me to force the name out of her."
"She wants me to hurt her."

That last line is not said lightly,
for it is said only after being thrown that final, minutely composed shot, rich with significance:

... Carlsen's doubling...
... the aureole that seems to sanctify Carlsen made up of her own beads, her own feminine finery...
The picture frame, for the first time seen, emphasized.  
An ex-husband and her child?  A brother and nephew?  Factoring in Nurse Donaldson's implied itinerant nature, my preferred interpretation is it is of the far in the past or long gone: her father and she, as a tiny, sexless child.  Her own - unique - doubling.

An incredible poetic construction in film.


Epoche Kritik said...
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Epoche Kritik said...

How are you?
I live in South Korea
I am a fan of director Tobe Hooper.
It have a one question.

"Tobe Hooper" director's first name "Tobe" how do you pronounce?
Tobi? Tob? Tobe?

For you know, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Thank you.

JR said...


I am fairly certain - well, heh, no, 100% certain - it should be pronounced the same as "Tobey" or "Toby" (common variants of the name).

So "Toe-Bee." :)