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We've got a premiere date, folks: Hooper's newest film, the Arabic-language, UAE-financed, Middle Eastern Gulf world horror film Djinn will premiere at the 2013 Abu Dhabi Film Festival, which runs from October 24th through November 2nd.

In celebration, here is a master post of all official promotional material currently released for the film.

Article released in conjunction with the October 1st Abu Dhabi Film Festival press conference (by the UAE news publication The National, which shares the parent company Abu Dhabi Media with Image Nation, the production company behind DJINN):

Fresh-off-the-press October 2nd press release:

"Djinn will premiere at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival on October 25, followed by a theatrical release in time for Halloween on October 31.


Djinn will be released to the public on October 31 at selected theatres across the UAE and the G.C.C, with special midnight screenings for Djinn fans on October 30."

Djinn was of course plagued by rumors about its release delays, which you can read about in numerous articles spanning from January 2012, when the first footage - an early sales trailer - of the film was leaked online (and still manages to be heavily disseminated, despite there being two much better trailers out there now...).

Also, many lines in articles have been written referencing the three years this release has been in wait.  Yes, this is true, but it's also a little misleading.  A quick timeline: Djinn was announced as part of Image Nation's production slate at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival (thus the three year wait); Tobe Hooper was announced as the director of the film in February 2011 and the film only went into production in March 2011; boasting about an initial cut being done at the end of the 2011 summer brought about the idea of it coming sooner rather than later, while rumbling about it getting a big premiere at the Dubai Film Festival in December 2011 managed only to fizzle out when it didn't appear (it did have an alleged test screening in London that December 2011); following that, the sales trailer leaked in January 2012 amidst rumors of the film being buried by the UAE government, that rumor being quickly denied by heads of Image Nation while putting forth a release plan of Summer 2012; and thus the delays began when Summer 2012 did not happen; amidst more articles suggesting interference and reluctance to release the film, an interview had Image Nation hushing the rumors by stating a Spring 2013 release; Spring 2013 was another false take and that pretty much gets us up to date.

So less three years, more like two years of delays and waiting, with a rushed December 2011 premiere seeming more far-fetched in hindsight, though still not much explanation for the push back from a 2012 release (Hooper test screened it in the Spring of 2012 in Los Angeles, as he talks about in this interview).  Allegedly it was just some - perhaps wise - post-production hemming and hawing.  For the record, the film changed musical scorers sometime in the last year from Nicholas Pike to BC Smith, and a second editor, Mark Stevens, was brought in.

But moving on...


Here is the, essentially, first official trailer to the film.  Please don't watch the less-than-stellar promo trailer that's for some reason still being promoted in major news publication articles such as this one from yesterday (I of course still think it looks good from whatever trailer it is).


Poster taken from IMDb


 Stills from IMDb
  Stills from IMDb
 Stills from IMDb

Abu Dhabi Film Festival Program Guide Snippet

Sales Company Fortissimo Films Newsletter Snippet

I don't know if I'm going to cover in any way the premiere and any press and reviews coming out of there.  This isn't a tabloid rag, or Variety, after all.  The next important business to come is a US release, which hopefully is not too distant and unforeseeable an event.

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