Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy DJINN Release Day!

Now to wait another year to see it.

Also, international critics have not been too kind to this one - in fact, savage to it - and so it seems like Djinn is not to be his great critical triumph, nor his purest of products (it seems to be something of a stab at creating a Middle Eastern Paranormal Activity/Insidious/The Conjuring, and these spook-a-thon ghost movies in trend have a way of making à la mode profoundly bad filmmaking).  Plus, I staked out some clips on the net that were rather not-too-hot (it seems there's a stuffed animal scare scene... not encouraging).  But Hooper believes in the project, so I await to see what exactly the film still has to offer.

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Anonymous said...

Another year?. God...

I think is going to be great. I mean, a misterious building, people walking through a labyrinth of rooms... The usual, amazing stuff Hooper knows so well. Another little gem to see a million of times. :)