Wednesday, January 8, 2014

THAS: 'The Regard of the Child' ("I Like to Call This One...")

The regard of the child.  A quizzical moment of pause.  A vast and lament-filled summation being made.  Or an uncomprehending (the father), perhaps contempt-filled (the mother), bargain, made 8 years back (how old is Joey?).

   (From 'The Funhouse')

Bonus Portrait:

"He's got a little fever... and he ain't talking to much..."

A whisper from the side of the mouth is a gasp-inducing moment, a soul-taking-aback depiction of caring: the most fruitful words of advice being given by the caregiver with, not himself, but the cared-for one on the screen.  The caregiver's presence is merely a focused-out echo, simply a selfless necessity (we need our caregivers in the world, and they don't need to be the subject of the frame - they are the frame).

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