Friday, March 7, 2014


Hate to keep on twisting the knife, but I feel partly it's why I'm here.  Here's a Japanese trailer for DJINN's March 29th single-theater Tokyo release.  It is being released under the name (approximate translation): "Origin of Satan: Jin"

DJINN is also set up for a release in Turkey in May after also being bought in Berlinale.

 And here's some fresh imagery while we're at it:

And another simultaneously creepy/adorable baby (the creepy Older World baby in the previous festival trailer is cuter, though).

And, as you may have heard, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has gotten a 4K overhaul super-restoration by passionate people over at Dark Sky Films, which will premiere March 10th at the SXSW Festival in Austin, then reportedly will get a theatrical run in the summer.  Outside the flip-sided coin that is getting to see a remastered Texas Chain Saw in theaters again before getting to see Djinn, good news indeed for us Stateside, that are absolutely obsessed with bigger and better technologies and watching things we like over and over again.

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