Tuesday, October 7, 2014

THAS 2014: DJINN WATCH 2014 - Fabio Zanello Reviews DJINN

Italian film critic and writer Fabio Zanello, who has penned a volume on the films of Hooper in 2001 in his native language, has reviewed DJINN on the film website CiaoCinema.

 "Il cinema di Tobe Hooper" by Fabio Zanello

I link to his thoughts on EGGSHELLS at the same film site in the "Compendium" page near the bottom.  About DJINN, he imparts generally positive thoughts about this "family psychodrama [filmed in Dubai] with local actors."  He makes note of the use of the architecture of the highrise building and Hooper's mastery of such aspects, although claims the overall film would "take less frantic editing to be another masterpiece of the director."

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